Regional Maps

Regional maps are made available for trip planning. They combine many maps into one, for easy desktop navigating. They are not for printing.

These files are large and take considerable time to download depending on your connection.

These maps are not updated as often as the single maps.

Take note of the date. Keep up to date and use the maps on the map revisions page for the most recent editions.

Map Date File Size Expected Download Time
14.4 k modem 56 k modem DSL Cable
Highland 8/1/2016 8.5 meg. 85 min. 1.5 min 1.5 min. 46 sec.
Central 8/1/2016 10.8 meg. 105 min 30 min. 2 min 1 min.
Pineland 8/1/2016 7.8 meg. 75 min. 20 min. 2 min 45 sec.
Cape 8/1/2016 3.9 meg. 39 min. 10 min. 42 sec. 21 sec.

highland pineland
central cape